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HEY BESTIE: Is it still considered taboo to masturbate?

Updated: Mar 12

How have views towards masturbation changed? Is there still stigma attached and how can this be broken down?

HEY BESTIE: Is it still considered taboo to masturbate?

Ah, masturbation – the age-old question that has been taboo for far too long. But fear not, my fellow self-pleasurers, because times are changing!

Throughout history, attitudes towards masturbation have been mixed, often influenced by religious, cultural, and societal norms. Many ancient cultures celebrated sexual pleasure, while others considered masturbation as sinful or harmful.

Back in the day, talking about masturbation was a big no-no. It was seen as dirty, shameful, and even dangerous. Can you believe that doctors used to warn against it, claiming it could lead to blindness, insanity, and even death? Yikes! And yes…you are reading that correctly!

Thankfully, attitudes have come a long way since then. In recent times, there has been a growing acceptance of masturbation as a normal and healthy aspect of human sexuality. Research has shown that masturbation has numerous physical and psychological benefits. It can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and even boost your immune system as well as enhance self-awareness.

But despite this newfound acceptance, there is still some stigma attached to self-pleasure. Some people may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their masturbation habits or worry that others will judge them for it.

So, how can we break down this stigma and embrace masturbation as a healthy part of our sexual lives? It starts with education and open communication. We need to talk openly and honestly about masturbation, and let people know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Comprehensive and sex-positive sex education plays a crucial role in challenging the stigma around masturbation. By educating individuals about their bodies, sexual pleasure, and consent, we can promote a healthier view of self-exploration and reduce any guilt or shame associated with it.

Couples should explore their sexual desires and needs, including discussing masturbation. Creating a safe and non-judgmental space for each other to talk about their experiences can strengthen connection with one another.

We also need to challenge outdated beliefs and stereotypes. Masturbation isn’t just for single people or those who can’t find a partner – it’s for everyone! And it’s not just a “guy thing” either – women masturbate too, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Ultimately, breaking down the stigma surrounding masturbation starts with every one of us. We need to embrace our own sexuality and encourage others to do the same. So go forth, my fellow self-pleasurers, and enjoy the many benefits of masturbation without shame or judgment.

Breaking down the stigma surrounding masturbation is an ongoing process that requires collective effort from individuals, families, educators, healthcare professionals, and society. Because after all, embracing a sex-positive approach to sexuality can lead to a more open, accepting, and understanding perspective on masturbation and other aspects of human sexuality.

Your bestie,

Amanda x

Published July 28, 2023 on

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