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For adults struggling with confidence, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, loneliness, motherhood, grief, and/or intimacy.

You’re tired of feeling disconnected in your relationships and you yearn for something deeper and more satisfying...

You’re not sure when it happened, but things are off. You snap at your loved ones more than you’d like to admit, you feel constant, intense pressure to excel at work, and you’re ashamed of how you’ve been handling things lately. This isn’t the life you envisioned for yourself.


Counselling is about exploring what it is that keeps you stuck and exploring those areas so that you can learn to move past them and consistently reassess those areas in order to grow.  Do you want to write a new chapter? Set goals and achieve them?  Create your ideal life and stride towards it confidently?  If so, we work together with the help of tools, worksheets and conversations to create strategies to do exactly that. 

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How It Works...



This is where we will take a moment to learn about each other.  This is an opportunity to get to know one another, for you to ask questions of me, my approach and my process.  It is important to establish an understanding between one another before being able to work together. Research shows that it is vitally important for clients to have a genuine like of their therapist/coach in order for the working relationship to thrive.



This is where you will share your challenges with me and we will discuss those challenges in detail and what you feel causes you to be stuck in those areas. The focus will be on understanding and addressing issues to understand which strategies need to be put in place to gain confidence and direction in achieving positive outcomes. 



Having proper tools to navigate through your own mental space is one very important aspect of having a healthy mindset and being able to create your desired future.

In order to make those tools automatic habits, we must be disciplined & consistent in the use of those tools.  When someone is keeping you accountable, you are far more likely to commit to your goals and to crush them! You're 100% in control over your emotions and thoughts. Your thoughts will finally match your dreams and aspirations, not your fears and what ifs...

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