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Therapist, Speaker, Trainer, Author


I'm super excited that you are taking the time to get to know me. 

Read more about me below

Amanda Lambros, 
BHSc., PGDipEthics,
MAForensicSexol., MACouns.

Our relationships and the way in which we communicate shouldn't leave us feeling defeated, disconnected, lonely or hopeless. 


I am a Canadian living in Australia, turned Australian....because I met an Aussie and I love love love the warm weather! And yes, there's more to the story!

I am best known as the Award-Winning Relationship Entrepreneur, Communication Expert and Author of 4 Best-Selling Books...but how did I get here? 

Growing up in Ontario, Canada, I had a passion as a kid to help others. Having spent every summer vacation volunteering for organisations from Big Sisters Canada, to Meals on Wheels and the Girl Guides, I can honestly say that I've learned invaluable lessons along the way. 

By the age of 19, I had a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc.) and a Post-Graduate Diploma of Ethics...but I knew that that was only the start of my academic journey.  I found myself drawn to study a Master of Forensic Sexology (MAForensicSexol) in Perth, Western Australia and rather than returning back to Canada...I fell in love with the country and my now husband. 

The work that I do allows us to safely explore your deepest fears and biggest longing, creating space and skills to build trust and expand the intimacy in your most important relationships.

Coffee on Desk

I continued with a Master of Counselling (MACouns.) and dove straight into academia as a researcher, then lecturer, then climbed the ranks as a Unit Coordinator and Program Coordinator for various academic institutions across Australia.  One of my fav achievements was writing various academic textbooks...yep, I'm that level of geek!


I'm now a Counsellor & Sexologist specialising in helping people learn to communicate and create their best self and their best relationships. 

I do this by helping people develop an understanding of women's issues, healthy relationships, self worth, self-care, personal growth and development, leadership development, living with and on purpose, and life stage transitions. 

With more than two decades of counselling and speaking experience, I maintain an active motivational speaking schedule, presenting to groups and organisations such as Rio Tinto, The Stag Shop, Alinta Energy, the Strata Community Association as well as churches, schools and non-profits

I wrote this!

Understanding Research Methods by Amanda Lambros, Australia

I'm a coffee lover...
flat white, no sugar 

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A tiny bit more...

I am a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), one of the highest designations to achieve for Speakers Globally and I am the Relationship Columnist for

As a result of my success, I've been featured in the TV series Luke Warm Sex, interviewed on Today Show, Mornings, Sky News, ABC Radio, SBS and CBC Radio.  I have also been featured in over 100 newspaper and magazines, including the Huffington Post, The Australian, The Courier News and the West Australian in the areas of Mental Health, Relationships, Sexuality, Communication and Grief and Loss. 

I also actively train and facilitate various program including Mental Health First Aid.

When I'm not on stage or helping couples learn to communicate, you'll find me with family and friends, my teen boys and hubby...typically eating, enjoying life and each other or watching a docuseries always with a warm cup of coffee. 

If you got this far...thanks for reading...I really appreciate it.  Feel free to get in touch with me directly if you have any questions or would like to work together. 

Amanda x

Amanda Lambros on Luke Warm Sex
Amanda Lambros on Today Show
Amanda Lambros on Today News
Hey Bestie by Amanda Lambros
Amanda Lambros on Mental Health



  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (UWO)

  • Post Graduate Diploma of Ethics (UWO)

  • Master of Forensic Sexology (Curtin)

  • Master of Counselling (UNE)

  • Certified Speaker Professional (CSP)

  • Virtual Speaking Professional 

  • Gottman - Level 3 Facilitator

  • Mental Health First Aid Principle, Master Trainer 

  • Prepare-Enrich Trainer & Facilitator

  • SYMBIS Facilitator

  • Grief Recovery Method Director & Trainer 

  • Gottman - Bringing Baby Home Facilitator

  • Edu-Therapy Grief Facilitator



  • Marriage and Relationship Educators of Australia Association (MAREAA) - Current President

  • Professional Speakers Australia (Board Member)

  • Virtual Speakers Association (International)

  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (ASSECT)

  • The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association

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