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Speaker Checklist to Help You Make the Right Choice for Your Event

Download this FREE Speaker Checklist To Help You Choose The Best Speaker For Your Event.

Make Sure Your Chosen Speaker Can Answer Yes to ALL These Questions


Based on Guidelines from the National Speakers Association in the US and other professional associations from around the world, this handy checklist will help you narrow down your choice. 

Free Speaker Checklist by Amanda Lambros

Why You Should Book Amanda Lambros for Your Conference


A Proven History of Unforgettable Keynotes & Workshops

The best reason to pay anyone to do anything is a strong record of achieving results – and Amanda has been helping conferences be the talk of their industry. But don't take her word for it, have a rad of Amanda's testimonials.

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Education & Entertainment

There is no point having all the knowledge in the world if your audience nods off to sleep while you’re trying to teach them.  Amanda Lambros is a former academic known for her ability to engage students, staff and colleagues alike. Amanda has the energy, enthusiasm, but most importantly awesome ideas supported by even better research to keep your crowd engaged while she teaches them. But her programs aren’t just an overload of stats, they carefully weave deep, transformational content into engaging stories to make sure your audience learns but has a great time doing so.


Flexible and Easy to Work With

So many speakers let their ego get in the way and try to tell you how to run your conference, then have a massive hissy fit when they have they have to ‘fit in’. While Amanda will happily suggest where her programs would work best for you and your delegates, she’s also happy to tailor something to work with what you already have in place.


A Depth of Knowledge and Personal Experience

Having lived and learned in various countries including Canada, UK and Australia and 15 years of being an academic.  Add to that her own like and business experience of being a Forensic Sexologist and a Cousellor who focuses on Relationships turned Award-Winning Author and Speaker, and she has an enormous depth of knowledge to pass on to your delegates.

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