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For couples struggling with communication issues, lack of intimacy, infidelity, or contemplating separation or divorce or just want to improve the connection with your partner.

You’re tired of having the same arguments over and over again.  Feeling that complacency has crept into the relationship and confused about how your relationship got to this point...

You might seem like better roommates than lovers.  Communication is fraught with difficulties and conflict is more common than reassurance and support.  This is not the relationship of your dreams nor the one that you deserve.  You desperately want more for yourself and your relationship.  All you are sure about is that you are not willing to live like this for the next 40 years. 


Healthy relationships improve all aspects of your life and strengthens your health, your wellbeing, your connections with others, your capacity to engage in authentic and heartfelt living, and your resilience.


Strong, healthy relationships do not just happen by chance - they require skills and strategies that can be learnt and need to be discussed.

Happy Couple

How It Works...



Prior to your Coaching, 

I will email you and your partner an intake form to complete. Sometimes these can feel onerous to complete but this gives me an opportunity to understand both your individual histories and the history of your relationship as well as some of the main issues that have developed over time to bring you in to see me.   It also helps us fast-track your initial session so that it can be strategic. The more detail you include in the intake form, the better I will be able to get to the heart of the matter when I meet you for the first time.



From your assessment information,  we work on a process which I call the redesign & treatment approach.  Here you you will collaboratively create an actionable plan with one another with support and guidance.  To ensure you share the same goals, and also so you clearly understand the process - we will take the time needed to clearly communicate.  After that you will begin working on your most problematic concerns.  The focus will be both on addressing issues and on assisting you to develop better skills for managing your relationship - to become ‘Masters' of your relationship.



Having proper tools to navigate through your own mental space is one very important aspect of having a healthy mindset and being able to create your desired future.

In order to make those tools automatic habits, we must be disciplined & consistent in the use of those tools.  When someone is keeping you accountable, you are far more likely to commit to your goals and to crush them! You're 100% in control over your emotions and thoughts. Your thoughts will finally match your dreams and aspirations, not your fears and what ifs...

  • Do you accept the Mental Health Plan?
    No, I am a Counsellor with a Masters Degree. Only AHPRA Registered professionals are covered through the Mental Health Plan.
  • How much are sessions? How long are sessions?
    Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes and $175 Couples therapy sessions are 80 minutes and $215
  • How often do you meet with clients?
    My job is to work myself out of a job! I love, love, LOVE the work I am privileged to do however, I also want clients to experience corrective change, which would limit the frequency of therapy. I meet with clients weekly at the beginning. Together, we discuss treatment along the way and we eventually will transition to biweekly, then to once a month! Previous clients are always welcome for “tune ups” as needed! It’s important that we keep the strategies fresh and relevant to their situation.
  • Do you offer a waitlist?
    I do not offer a waitlist. Though, if I am not available and I do not have any upcoming sessions available, I would be happy to provide referrals to colleagues that I trust and respect.
  • Do you offer virtual/zoom sessions?
    Yes! I've offered Virtual session for nearly a decade!
  • What are your hours?
    It depends on the day. I see clients as early as 7 am until 10 pm and I also have space to see clients on Saturday.
  • What payments do you accept?
    All payments for sessions with me are made at the time of booking. All major credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be billed for the session however, if you need to reschedule, you can do so without a charge.

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