Couple Intensive

A 3-Day private evidence-informed intensive program that is offered once a month to couples at any stage of their relationship.  Regardless if you are 3-months or 30 years into your relationship, all relationships benefit from knowing more about each other.

Mental Health First Aid

This training is recommended for...EVERYONE! Especially those who come into contact with others. This program is designed to give you an understanding of the most common mental illness' and how to help others if needed.

Helping Children With Loss

A 4-week Educational action-based program for parents and caregivers of children to help them learn the language to help children with loss.

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Grief Recovery - Online

Are you in a rural or remote area or not able to get to a face-to-face meeting or group to discuss loss?  Then this is the best option for you!

Prepare-Enrich (Couple)

Are you in the early phase of your relationship and want to foster the ability to create the best possible relationship? have you created the boundaries and communication that you both agree on to move forward. Then look no further, this is  foundational program for couples.

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Prepare-Enrich (Facilitator)

Learn the techniques to run the Prepare-Enrich program for couples that you are in contact with.  Ideal for Allied and Mental Health professionals as well as Clergy, Pastors and anyone else that works with couples.

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7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

Join us for this Gottman Workshop in Perth based on 40 years of groundbreaking research into what makes marriage work by renowned researcher and Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Gottman.

Bringing Baby Home

This Workshop was developed by Drs. John & Julie Gottman to address the problem that two-thirds of marriages experience a significant decline in relationship satisfaction following the birth of their child.