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Mental Health First Aid

MHFA 2-Day Standard Course, Amanda Lambros
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This 2-Day interactive Face to Face workshop is the original MHFA program that teaches you how to assist adults who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

MHFA Blended Online Course, Amanda Lambros
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Short on time but still interested in becoming an accredited Mental Health First Aider? Then look no further. This program starts with a 5-7 hour self-directed online program (which you complete at your own pace) followed by 2 x 2.5 hour zoom sessions. At the end of the training, you have a short test to complete and voila!….you are officially an accredited mental health first airier.

MHFA Refresher Course, Amanda Lambros
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Already completed the MHFA Standard program within the past 3 years? Ready for your update? Then you are ready for a quick refresher. A 5-hour workshop delivered as a face to face workshop with a light lunch provided.

MHFA Refresher Online, Amanda Lambros
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Already completed the MHFA Standard program within the past 3 years? Ready for your update? Then you are ready for a quick refresher. A 5-hour online workshop delivered as a zoom session. This workshop allows current Standard MHFAiders to refresh their knowledge and skills and extend their accreditation for another 3-year period.

Couples Intensive, Amanda Lambros

Couples Intensive

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This 15 minute Discovery Call is a chance for you to ask questions and get to know me. You will have the opportunity to explore your challenges and obstacles and I will provide you with an immediate take-away and an opportunity to see the potential of us working together. There is no obligation for you to proceed with counselling or coaching. We only continue if we both agree that we are match, you are willing to make the investment and dedicate the time to your goals and results.

7 Weeks to Fondness and Admiration, Amanda Lambros

7 Weeks to Fondness &

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If you feel like the honeymoon phase is over, you can bring back the magic. The brain is wired to notice and respond to the negative. So in this self-directed fully online course, over a period of 7 weeks you are guided with daily emails and activities to improve the positive ratio in your relationship. This in turn, increases the fondness and admiration for you to begin to feel connected once again.

Prepare-Enrich for Couples, Amanda Lambros

Prepare Enrich for Couples

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More understanding and less arguing. Confidence and clarity to talk about sensitive topics. Insight on how to be each other’s cheerleader and lover. Whether you are in year 0, 5, 10, 25 or more, the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment will help you visualize your relationship, put facts behind your feelings, and discover ways to open up doors for communication and intimacy. This is a 4-session minimum package that can be extended. Book discovery call with me to learn about the different options. Everything for the sessions is provided to you. You will receive 4 x 90 minute sessions with me, the Prepare-Enrich Online assessment, 2 workbooks and weekly emails for 6 weeks from the first session.

Prepare-Enrich Facilitators Training, Amanda Lambros

Prepare Enrich for Clergy,
Counsellors, Practitioners

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Helping couples strengthen their relationship is no easy task. Becoming a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator provides you with the core knowledge and skills to confidently utilize Prepare/Enrich’s proven assessment and feedback resources to foster resilient relationships and marriages.

The Grief Recovery Method Training

The Grief Recovery
Certification Training

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Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss — whether that loss was caused by a death, the end of a relationship, loss of employment, or one of the significant life events that invoke this strong and overwhelming emotion. The Grief Recovery Method is an action plan; a series of small steps that lead to the completion of the unresolved communication that is linked to the loss.

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