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Counselling & Workshops

A range of services & workshops for adults, couples or organisations looking to improve themselves and their relationships.  From counselling, to coaching to workshops and training. 

Take the first step towards learning the skills and strategies that you will be able to use for life!

Now covered by the following Private Health Funds

Individual Counselling

You’re tired of feeling disconnected in yourself and your relationships and you yearn for something deeper and more satisfying.  You want to understand your purpose and be happy...

Couples Counselling

You’re tired of feeling unheard, undervalued and unsupported. Complacency has crept in or you simply want to spark up your relationship...

Sex Therapy

You're tired of the 'same old, same old' in the bedroom and you are looking to reignite the spark.  Your feeling too embarrassed to seek help and ask questions but need guidance in the 'sex department'...

Couple in love

Couples Education

You've got your what? Make an investment into your relationship to learn how to communicate, how to manage conflict and how to love fully and create the relationship you've always dreamed of.

Holding Hands
Support Group Meeting

Mental Health First Aid - Standard

The original 2-Day Face-to-Face Standard Mental Health First Aid Training to learn the skills to assist others who are experiencing mental health challenges. 

Online Class

Mental Health First Aid - Blended

Short on time but still interested ini becoming an Accredited Mental Health First Aider?  Look no further!  A blend of Self-Directed learning and Zoom session will get you accredited. 

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