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Are you sitting on the same couch?

Updated: Mar 19

All too often I talk to my clients about their relationship behaviors, what they are doing in the comforts of their own homes away from my watchful eye. One of my most common questions to them is "Are you sitting on the same couch?" This might sounds like a really odd or even a really simple question but it provides so much insight into what might be happening in a relationship.

Think about it....are you getting a thrill because you are sitting so close to one another that your thighs are touching? know, like back when you were first dating and you couldn't wait for your partners physical touch.

Or do you simply occupy the 2-seater while your partner sits on the 3-seater? Do you both have your eyes on your phones rather than your eyes on one another engaging in an amazing conversation about your hopes, dreams and goals of the future?

If you find yourself not only sitting on separate couches but in fact hanging out in separate rooms...don't wait any longer, reach out and talk to a marriage educator about your situation. Physical distancing in your relationship is a stepping stone towards exiting the relationship. The longer you physically distance, the more difficult it becomes to repair the relationship.

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