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Had Any Fun Lately?....

Updated: Mar 19

When couples come to see me or participate in my relationship courses, or my signature 12-month relationship coaching program, one of the first questions that I ask is 'What do you currently do to have fun?' followed by 'What did you previously do together to have fun?'. More often than not, the answers to these two questions are vastly & unfortunately different!

As a relationship educator and coach, I am well aware that the amount of 'fun' people currently have in their relationship directly correlates to their current level of 'happiness' within the relationship.

One of the best things to do is to think back to when you first met and think about all the things that you did together. Sit down and each write a list of what these things were. You might find that your partners list is a little different to yours...and that's totally fine!

Take the time to then compare notes and come up with an action plan to regularly schedule in fun. Yes, you read that last phrase correctly, you need to schedule it in...because if you don't, it ends up becoming a 'second thought' and then eventually a forgotten thought.

Try something new, try something for your partner and vice-versa. Get comfortable getting out of your comfort zone and start laughing, loving and enjoying each other on a regular basis. You can thank me later ;)

Have fun,

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