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Amanda Lambros - Speaker

"There are no problems..there are only solutions" - Amanda

Passionate. Engaging. Humourous and Inspiring. These are just some of the words used to describe Amanda Lambros. After working with clients and audiences in 11 countries for more than a decade in both academia and the speaking circuit, Amanda is regarded as one of the most engaging female speakers.

Amanda's ability to customise presentations and connect with audiences in a uniquely straight-forward way enables her to deliver powerful messages that are thought provoking, engaging and shift the audience into action.  Book Amanda for your next conference or event and you’ll experience insight and value that lasts long after her initial engagement with the audience.

Amanda’s specialty is relationships, mental health and grief and loss. She’s passionate about it, blogs about it and writes books about it - has even written a textbook about it!  Yet Amanda's approach is not at all uni-dimensional; her content is based on evidence-informed practice, supported by research and proven and practical strategies for understanding the impact of relationships, mental health and grief and loss in any industry.

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Amanda loves customising her workshops, presentations, stories and messages to suit the individual brief provided.  Amanda has the ability to seemlessly weave the memorable and insightful messages and lessons that simply resonate at every level of the organisation.  If you are looking for someone to facilitate workshops, look no further, Amanda loves facilitating workshops, activities and discussions.

Amanda has degrees in Health Sciences, Counselling, Forensic Sexology as well as Business management.  Having been a Coordinator in academia for more than a decade, evidence-informed practice is close to her heart.  Amanda has authored 6 books and is highly regarded as a practice and relationship consultant.



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Event Resources

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