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Amanda Lambros

Your Source for Personal, Relationship  & Professional Growth

Learn From One of Australia's Leading

Speaker & Educators in Relationships &

Mental Health


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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your next conference or virtual event?  Amanda will work with you to create a customised program for your event.



Are your teams in need of a breath of fresh air?  Amanda draws from in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver transformative training for wellness teams, either face-to-face, or online.



An outside perspective can make a significant difference to views and understanding within relationships and at workplaces. Contact Amanda today to see how her perspective could transform your relationship or wellness teams.



The COVID-19 pandemic and global mental health crisis have put pressure on individuals, couples, families and corporations like never before.  However, the greatest threat to our mental health is not the pandemic, it is the impact on the people within it.

Research shows that burnout, PTSD, compassion-fatigue, low wages, interpersonal conflict, vicarious trauma and toxic leadership are taking their toll on our most precious resource - our people - family, friends and colleagues.

Bringing over 20 years of experience, expertise and lived experience, Amanda Lambros is helping address this universal and urgent issue by training and teaching as much as possible about Mental Health First Aid and communication.  Amanda offers online training in mental health and as a relationship coach and counselling professional as well as a Certified Speaking Professional and Virtual Speaking Professional you are guaranteed to be in good hands.

Schedule a call with Amanda to find out more.



Communication & Relationship Speaker

Meet Amanda Lambros

A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Counsellor and corporate coach, Amanda draws on 20 years of experience as an Academic, Sexologist, Counsellor, Author and team leader.

Amanda's inspiring and engaging talks and workshops bridge the gaps that exist between executives and teams.

With Amanda's help, people become happier, more engaged and begin to feel appreciated and heard, which results in increased productivity and better overall outcomes.


Amanda's keynote topics include self-care as a priority and date night is cheaper than a divorce.

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