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It takes many people a lifetime to find what makes them shine, and then learn how to use it, but not for Amanda! She kicked off her successful speaking career with speaking competitions at the age of eight, and from the age of 16, she was clear that teaching through speaking was for her so becoming a Professional Speaker in Australia was a natural evolution.  Her natural passion for learning and then using her knowledge to turn difficult concepts into understandable chunks of meaning - by learning long ago that good communication is the bridge between confusion & clarity - has been instinctively honed to draw people in, get them engaged, and add value to their lives by helping them discover within themselves a vision of relationships, personal development & success that far exceeds what they ever thought was possible. This has helped Amanda transform the concepts of Marriage Counselling and Relationship Counselling in Australia.  She also had a natural curiosity to help those who experience grief and loss.

Amanda's enthusiastic nature combined with her secret weapon for being able to explain and explore that often the smallest things make the biggest impact has the ability to transform relationships, how people see themselves and how people work together - and she's developed a process to help you and your organisation do the same! You will always find her using her knowledge as a leader, educator, speaker, & corporate trainer, to elevate the lives of others by challenging them to raise the bar on what they believe is possible.

Those skills are reflected in her accomplishments, which include being name one of the 100 Top Most Influential Business Owners in WA, winning the New Media Commentator Award and the Public Relations Award for Best Collaborator with PR and having been a Clinical Fellow with Universities in Australia, Canada and South-East Asia for over 15 years.

Working with corporate organisations, Amanda is described as a natural communicator and problem-solver who uses evidence-based research to allow her expertise to shines in her ability to design, develop, deliver and evaluate communication, loss and relationship initiatives, which she tailors to the specific needs of individuals and teams.


"The Sexologist is in the house" is how I was introduced to an audience of over 2000 Real Estate agents - the message: Relationships matter - From the boardroom to the bedroom and back again.   Amanda is regarded as one the most upbeat, humorous and passionate speakers regarding the importance of relationships, mental health and the impact of grief and loss while implementing and understanding evidence-based and evidence-informed practice. 

Known for her ability to turn difficult concepts into understandable grabs of information, Amanda is the go-to person when you want to fully understand how relationships, grief and loss and mental health impacts on your work, your relationships, your engagement with others and your day-to-day life.

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