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[Interview series] Ditch middle life mayhem and find new purpose

Updated: Mar 18

Hey there!

You’ve heard the second half of life is the best part, a time when you can be yourself and have what you want, right? But, now you’re here you often find yourself wondering who you really are. You know there has to be more to life, but you have no idea what that is yet and you feel like you’ve lost your mojo anyway.

Sound familiar? If so, I have good news: with the right practices, and approach to life now, you can move out of middle life mayhem to find vitality and clarity and thrive in a life filled with purpose and meaning.

My new friend Deb Johnstone specialises in helping beautiful women just like you to find clarity and purpose in midlife to design and live a life you love. She's put together an interview series that brings together more than 7 experts, including me, to share our advice for doing so.

It's called Women Reinventing MidLife – How to find vitality, purpose and clarity to thrive after the kids leave home and it begins 25th October.

Reserve your spot here at no cost:

Create a life you love now!

When you go to the link above and sign up to join us, you'll hear Debs, a Transformational Coach and the founder of Transformational Pathways Australia, interview women coaches, mentors and specialists in middle life in a series of empowering conversations designed to give you proven practices for creating the fulfilling, meaningful and joyful life you want—because if you’re not going to do that now, when are you, right?

Specifically, you'll discover:

· The unconscious thinking and patterns that have led you to experience midlife mayhem and confusion. How to breakthrough them to see clearly, find new purpose and meaning, and feel excited about your next life chapter.

· The powerful messages that your menopausal symptoms are actually giving you and how you can work with those to increase your vitality, thrive and live your best life yet through middle life and beyond

· Top-secret self worth and wealth building strategies plus profound personal insights to really value yourself, build confidence and create the life experiences you want and deserve.

· The very best tools you already have, and how to leverage them, plus simple insights, techniques and strategies to give you day-to-day fulfillment, gain clarity on direction, fuel your mojo and achieve what you want in this second phase of life.

· Expert speakers on health and wellness, menopause, purpose, career change, finances, business start up, personal style, mindset and so much more.

In short, you’ll discover time-tested and actionable practices you can implement right away to move out of this often confusing phase of life, to get a greater sense of who you are, what you want, and have the vitality, confidence and direction to create your next amazing chapter.

Debs is the perfect person to host this interview series. She developed it because she's experienced what you're experiencing right now. Deb has two grown up sons and has been through two middle life transitions. Lacking in energy, she has also felt lost, confused and wasn’t been able to see a way forward.

The powerful practices she utilized have enabled her to emerge embracing life in a totally new way, where each day feels like a wonderful adventure, filled with a sense of freedom, purpose and meaning.

It's now her mission to help other women like you avoid getting stuck in the middle life maze (and its effects!) so you can embrace who you truly are, create a life you love and enjoy the rewards of your life experiences so far.

That's why she's invited you to join her for the Women Reinventing MidLife Summit.

Join Us Starting 25th October For Expert Advice!

To more clarity, vitality, and thriving in a life you love (without the confusion),


P.S. I've seen the roster of speakers for the Women Reinventing MidLife Summit: they're experts in the menopausal shift, wealth creation, midlife mentoring, mindset, health and wellbeing and more. The interviews promise to be profound, filled with practical tools you can implement immediately! Register here with your complimentary ticket and join us starting 25th October:

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