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Hey Bestie: Should I have sex while my pet dog is in the room?

Updated: Mar 18

Hey Bestie: Is it ok for pets to be in the room when you’re having sex? It doesn’t bother me but my girlfriend insists that we put my dog outside before we get busy because she says it puts her off.

It is great to understand “animal instincts”, as well as pheromones when it comes to having sex in the same room as your pets.

Simple answer – pets totally know what’s taking place!

Animals have an extremely sensitive ability to smell pheromones, which we, as humans, typically cannot even begin to smell consciously but they do impact on our hormones and arousal state.

Animals, as they smell these pheromones, are then drawn to see what’s going on – hence the likelihood that they seem curious and will appear in a room where you are engaging in sexual activities.

They also are great at “smelling you out” – think dogs smelling crotches when you come over to the house – and animals are skilled at knowing who to trust and who to avoid.

"You might simply have the ‘voyeur’ animal"

Let’s also talk about jealousy and territory. Some animals are ridiculously protective of their owners, let’s call this jealousy, and they might even attempt to intervene while you are having sex. Yep, they will jump on the bed and may even try to pry themselves between the both of you.

Before you jump to conclusions, no, they are not sexually jealous, it’s more like “what about me? Why haven’t I been invited to the party?” kind of jealousy.

You might simply have the “voyeur” animal - the one that simply sits back in the corner and watches - as creepy as that might be.

Animals are also quite territorial. If you are having sex on the bed that they normally sleep on throughout the day, they might bark at you and your partner because they are simply being territorial.

If your partner, however, is put off by your animal being in the room, there’s a simple solution - place them out of the room and if possible, keep the door closed so that they can’t get in.

You might have to entice your pet with some additional treats (but I’ll leave these type of suggestions up to Dr. Chris Brown).

With the animals away from the room, you get to focus on one another because after all, everyone deserves to have great sex.

Your bestie,

Amanda xx

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