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A Single Parents’ Guide to Finding Love That Your Kids Will Love Too

Updated: Mar 13

A Single Parents’ Guide to Finding Love That Your Kids Will Love Too

As a single parent dealing with lost love and the possibility of finding love again, you’re probably facing many challenges in trying to make it all work together. Of course, your primary focus as a parent is ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of your kids. However, there comes a time when you crave the excitement and romance of new love.

There are lots of single parents like you who struggle to start a new relationship that fits into their family life.

Unfortunately, some are so desperate for love that they overlook the negative impact a particular choice can have on the welfare of the children. However, a healthy, positive love relationship will also be great for your kids!

Learn to identify telltale signs that a relationship will inevitably result in leaving your responsibility to your kids behind.

Take a look at some of the warning signs:

  1. Time sharing issues. Perhaps you have movie night with your kids every Thursday. You know they look forward to watching movies and spending time with you. If you declare to your new love interest that Thursday nights are off limits, they should respect that.

  • However, if you find that the person you’re dating displays total disregard for your quality time with your kids, maybe that’s not the person for you.

  • In a healthy relationship, they will not only respect your wishes, but also support your desire to spend quality time with your children.

2. Disjointed activities. As a single parent looking for love, you ultimately want your new flame to become a part of family activities and eventually become a full-fledged member of the family. However, if you find that the person avoids family events and is only available for one-on-one time with you, things might not be going according to plan!

3. Unwillingness to adjust lifestyle. When you became a parent, you likely realized that lots of things had to change where your lifestyle was concerned. Such is also the case when someone decides to date a single parent.

  • If you’re not getting that cooperation, then it’s likely you’ll have to end up choosing between your new relationship and the happiness of your kids!

4. Unwillingness to sacrifice personal wants. Family life has its own set of requirements, including looking out for the kids. If your partner resents the fact that you’re considering your children in decisions or plans, you might end up with a challenge on your hands. Stay away from situations that demand you sacrifice the care of your kids.

It may seem like finding love again takes forever when you have kids in the mix. However, it definitely is possible. Being a single parent doesn’t doom you to living without love and romance! The key is to consider the happiness of your family as a whole.

Keep these strategies in mind as you pursue your next love. Not only will you find a new love, but you’ll also bring more happiness to the lives of your children! And you’ll all be happier because of your efforts.

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