Amanda is a regular media commentator and is able to offer and comment on relationships, mental health and grief and loss.
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TripleJ The Hook Up - 7 APR 2019

What does your voice say about you? Do you have a sexy accent? How can a sexy voice be a turnon, or a turn off? I'm in conversation with vocal coach & lecturer Gene Goodwin for this great conversation with Nat Tencic, all about voices!


ARTICLE - 14 FEB 2019

Losing a pet can be completely devastating, especially if it feels like nobody understands your grief. 

In Australian society, we sometimes downplay pet loss grief with throwaway lines like, "It was just a dog". But many people find losing their pet as difficult...

Couple's Embrace



'Strong and silent' has long been both role and refuge for men, but debates raging online show a growing conviction that it spells doom for even the most robust marriage.

Thousands of people have now responded to a Perth lifestyle...

Computer Software Guidance


The Sunday Times - 7 APR 2019

Our screen-time obsession is contributing to a growing number of relationship breakdowns, with couple counsellors claiming people are more interested in staring at their phones than speaking to each other.

Nurse And Patient


The Conversation - DEC  2014

Health and social workers often choose their profession because they want to help people. But seeing trauma and suffering on a regular basis can have a deep impact on these workers. “Compassion fatigue” is a response...

Young Love


The ABC - OCT 2016

Reboot Your Relationship - "You fall into a routine — one sits on the short couch and the other on the big couch, watching TV or looking at the phone instead of looking at the person in front of you."...

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The West Australian - 20 FEB 2018

It may seem like a ridiculous notion to favour a relationship with an inanimate object over one with another living, breathing human being but it happens so much now that we’ve even coined a term for it....

Flying Planes


TripleJ (ABC) - OCT 2018

Beginners guide to being a Wingman -

I tried being a wingwoman once. I was really shit at it.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, a wingman (or wingwoman or wingperson) is a mate you can count on...