Video Interviews

Amanda on Learning for Tomorrow:
Teaching in Megaclasses
Curtin Health Sciences Lecturer, Clinical Fellow and Unit Coordinator, Amanda Lambros talk about how to engage students in megaclasses.  What's considered a mega-class? Well, Amanda engages nearly 3000 Health Sciences students in the topic of Evidence Informed Health Practice - teaching the next generation of Health Scientists how to look for good evidence and provide best practice to their clients/patients. 

Amanda on 'The Big Question' - Social Media - Part II of Today Perth News

It's time for The Big Question now and this week we asked you whether social media helps us reconnect or disconnect. Everyone had an opinion and was happy to share it, Lisa Fernandez hit Perth streets to hear what you had to say then is joined in studio with Amanda Lambros and Adam Barrell of Tweet Perth

Amanda on 'The Sealed Section' of the West Australian - Sex Advice

Sex tips from Amanda Lambros from Curtin University. Produced by Kate Ferguson.

Amanda on Channel 9 News:
Fake Pregnancy Tests

Yes it's can officially purchase nearly anything on the internet. This interview looks at the purchase of fake positive pregnancy tests to help keep relationships together....but does it? Sold online, the tests guarantee a positive result with reports some women are using them to con men into marriage.
Amanda on Channel 9 News:
Free Range Parenting
A new wave in parenting...but has this wave gone too far? Click to find out more about 'Free-Range Parenting'. Would you let your young kids play in a park after dark or walk home alone from school. It's called "free-range parenting" and a couple in the U-S has sparked controversy for allowing their children, aged 10 and 6 years old, to play in a nearby park after 5pm.

Amanda on Channel 9 News:

Belly Button Craze - Health Warning

There's a new craze going viral online. It's called the belly button challenge. But experts warn it sends the wrong message and could cause body image problems. In order to remain healthy, people should exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and eat a well balanced diet.
Inside Curtin Episode 4:
Engaging Students in first year units
Curtin has won national recognition for its new Fast Track ID system that's saving students and staff hours of waiting time. Find out more in the December episode of Inside Curtin. We also talk to Curtin Health Sciences lecturer Amanda Lambros about how to improve student engagement in megaclasses and our student reporter Siobhan Herne asks her fellow students what they enjoyed most on campus in 2014.

Amanda on Today Tonight:

Technology Creating Relationship Conflicts

Today Tonight investigates the role of the most connected nation and how we are experiencing some of the most disconnected relationships.

Perth Firefighters have just launched their annual calendar...but what is it that makes a room steam up when they walk in? Amanda looks at the science behind body shape.