Pre & Marriage Programs

Marriage is perhaps the most complex of human relationships.  The process of joining two people in a relationship which is intended to last for a lifetime can involve great effort.  Unfortunately, couples may not be equipped to deal with the challenges they face in the marriage.

The Prepare-Enrich Program (PEP) is designed to encourage and enhance couple communication.  There are different sets of inventory questions for each of the four relationship situations (to find out more, click on the link which is most suitable to your situation below).  The PEP is designed to encourage and enhance couple communication.  Each inventory is a Questionnaire assessing relationship strengths and growth areas.  Each inventory looks at four mains areas, which include: Assertiveness, Self-Confidence, Avoidance and Partner Dominance.  There are 15 addidional areas in which the inventory assesses couple on marriage expectations, personality issues, communication, conflict resolution, financial management, leisure activities, sexual expectations, children and parenting, family and friends, role relationship, spiritual beliefs, couple and family closeness and couple and famility flexibility.  The program is a very helpful tool to supplement the marriage counselling process, with objective information provided in response to the questionnaire. 

Preparing for marriage

Preparing for marriage and parenting

Enriching and evaluating marriage

Mature-age transition marriage evaluation (MATE)