Programs for Couples


Are you about to get into a relationship? In a relationship and want some guidance? then Prepare-Enrich is for you - it's a great relationship inventory supported with couples sessions and a workbook to get you both on track to a mutually beneficial relationship!

Amanda is the WA State Facilitator for Prepare-Enrich - so by taking this with Amanda, you would literally be learning from the trainer that trains others! Want to know more?  CLICK HERE

Couple Connection

Ever feel like you've got a great relationship but you just want to be a bit closer? The spark is still there - you seem to communicate quite well, you might even still go on date nights.  Basically, you don't want to lose the spark that you have going but you're also not sure what to do.  This is the perfect program for you!

Relationship Reconnect

You are in a relationship...or... maybe you are starting to feel like what once was a 'relationship' now feels like the two of you are 'roommates'.  You do your thing, your partner does their thing and sometimes you do those things together. You aren't fully sure what went wrong or when it went wrong but you want to reconnect.  You are still invested in the relationship but realise that you need some additional help. This program gives you the step-by-step process you need to learn to reconnect once and for all. 

Relationship Rescue

Relationship Rescue is a 2 1/2 Day retreat away.  The weekend is spent in a beautiful resort with all the amenities.  It is facilitated by two extremely experienced facilitators with more than 30 years combined counselling and human service experience.  There's a strict limit of 10 couples only on the retreat. The retreat only takes place once a year.  We intensively cover the 10 areas of a relationship restructuring and have a 6 or 12 month follow-on program for all couples.