Life Changes & Transitions

Death, Dying, Loss of time, faith, support, friends and finances

Life transitions are predictable changes in our lives associated with a discontinuity with the past.  With each change, we must give up the protective structures which have carried us through, and then face the world anew with a sense of fragility and vulnerability.  These times of disruption may force us to test the limits of our ability to adapt.  However, with each transition, we have the opportunity to learn a great deal about our inner coping resources and to ask ourselves what we really want from life.  Each of the stages of a life transition will be explored as key psychological phases within a potentially transformational rite of passage.

Life transitions may include the following:

    • Accidents
    • Buying a house/ property
    • Changing jobs
    • Divorce, separation and relationship breakdown
    • Marriage/ cohabitation
    • Having a baby
    • School related (prep, high school)
    • Leaving home to pursue education
    • Relocation/ leaving friends
    • Retirement
    • Serious illness
    • Significant loss (of a person, job, pet, limb or anything important)
    • Starting a career/ Career change